Monday, November 19, 2007


Drew: "Tummy hurts. Need Ban-aid."

Robin (seeing Drew holding play cell phone): "Who are you talking to Drew?"
Drew: "Red Kitty"
Robin: "What's that red kitty saying?"
Drew: "Meow"

Drew (after I gave him some Cheerios): "Want heart ce-su"
Me: "We don't have any heart cereal, bud."
Jack: "squares?"
Me (heading out the door to work): "Oh Jack, we don't have squares or hearts only Cheerios"
Drew: "Daddy go to grocery store buy heart ce-su."
Me: "No, bud I am going to work. I will see you guys later, love you."

(Hours later when I come home from work )
Drew: Daddy went to grocery store to buy Drew heart ce-su."

I didn't but I did stop by King Soopers on the way home from church yesterday to buy some more cold medicine and... Drew & Jack some heart ce-su.

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