Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Tree

Yesterday we bought a tree. Originally just Luke was going to go with me but Jack wanted to go. And since Jack wanted to go Drew did too. So Robin joined and we loaded up the whole family.

Now you would think living in Colorado we would just go out into the wild and cut down or own tree but instead we decided to buy one already cut. the local high school baseball team was selling trees for their booster club. our next door neighbor as well as the son of one of my co-worker plays for Centaurus High so we thought we would support the local team.

It was quick. We found the one we wanted and the coach was nice enough to trim the bottom for us and some players helped me tie it down to the roof of our minivan. We rode home with our Noble Fir tree shipped straight from Oregon and commenced to decorating it.

Last year we didn't have a tree because we figured Jack and Drew were too young to control their little grabby hands. We did pull out this small little fake one that was no bigger than them but it scared Drew.

So this year we decorate it. It was fun pulling out ornaments that I haven't seen in two years. Some we have never used. But alas we still can't keep the pairs of grabby little boy hands. I guess they think they are just toys. I am looking at our tree and after a little more than 24 hours all it has are lights and a few ornaments too high to reach.

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Becky said...

I adopted a method that a friend of mine uses with her girls (note - girls may not always behave as boys do). Anyhow, we both teach our kids to touch the ornaments with only one finger. You can't stop them from touching, but this may decrease the "playing".

Good luck!