Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Family for Christmas

I think I am finally over my jet-lag. I was tired at 6 pm again but able to stay up later and sleep til 6 am.

My parents arrive tomorrow. They haven't seen the grand kids since the first of March. And they haven't seen our home yet.

We are still w/o full electricity in the lower level where they will stay so should be interesting. I called an electrician last week but he hasn't returned my call. Basically we had some crazy wiring as a previous owner finished this garden level. One light never went off unless you toggled it between one and off. I tried to fix it last Spring and on first pass I couldn't get it to ever go off./ Then I 'refixed' it and it stopped working. It's been on the 'to-do' list for months but we either were not around or short on finances and it got pushed aside. Also it fits in the 'I am embarrased I can't fix this' category.

We really don't think about it until someone comes to stay with us. The lights in the spare bedroom, bathroom and laundry room work but the lights in the 'family room' and hallway don't. (Neither does the porch light and hall entry light.) The kids only paly done there in the day and we still are w/o partial carpeting after the flood in May. But we need to get it done.

I guess I either need to call the electrician back or put down a long extension cord and lamp. Don't want my parents tripping in the dark.

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