Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Today our church didn't something new. Maybe it was because we have a Christmas Eve service tomorrow night. Anyway, I liked it and hope we continue.

Instead of having a service at the church building, we met homes based on where we live. There were Cornerstone gatherings in about dozen homes across Boulder County. We called it "Home for the Holidays".

We went to the home of Brad and Markie Anderson here in Lafayette. Markie had decorated her home like something out of a magazine. It was amazing. We all brought brunch items and ate together. I made my famous grits casserole. Brad led us in carols and I did the devotion. It was the same outline everyone used at other gatherings. It was fun. I met a number of families I didn't know before and got to know a few more better than I had.

Fun morning!


Andy said...

Wow! This is fascinating. My own blog is listed at
Notice the similarity? Almost like discovering an alter ego. Good luck in your ministry. My own cause is more political; but we all try and save the world the best we can. Best wishes to you.

Andy McCullough said...

I am not Libertarian but do support liberating people.