Monday, December 31, 2007

Question for the VP

This past summer, Steve Sellers, VP for the Americas for Campus Crusade fielded questions for staff. We had open mics plus he fielded some that were emailed in advance or texted to him. I emailed one that didn't make the cut for that night. But he answered it on our staff website a week ago. I didn't see it but two people told me about it so I found it in the archives. I have to say I like Steve's answer. It's almost like I tossed him a softball.

Here's how it was on our website...

Andy McCullough of the Great Plains Regional Office asks:
"What do you feel is the greatest organizational barrier to seeing movements built everywhere? And how are we as an organization willing to make the changes necessary to remove that barrier?"

The greatest organizational barrier we currently have is that we still have a mentality that movement building is related to what we as staff members do as opposed to how we equip and raise up volunteers for ministry.

We can never get to Movements Everywhere just by adding more staff members or by increasing the burden of what they are expected to do. We need to change our paradigms and begin thinking differently.

We will get to Movements Everywhere only when we understand our role to raise up a generation of volunteers who may not work with Campus Crusade for Christ, who we are not in charge of and many of whom we won't even know. They will be people we are willing to partner with and to resource so that they can "be that person who truly follows Jesus."

We'll provide perspective, training and tools both directly and indirectly, and then they will build movements according to their unique motivation and gifting. It may not look like a Campus Crusade movement but it will connect the lost to Jesus, provide for life changing discipleship, produce multiplying laborers and generate its own local resources.

When those four elements are in place, we've done what God has called us to do whether or not that movement is connected to Campus Crusade. All the while we will continue to do ministry and build movements as Campus Crusade. But just hunkering down with people we know and have direct influence over will not get the job done.

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francine said...

Wow. I am SO encouraged by this! Praise God for a leader with not only vision and a heart for the Lord but absolutely no organization-righteousness - only a desire to see God receive the glory in all the earth. This is great.