Thursday, December 27, 2007

Uptown Erie Cafe

Last night we loaded up the family and went with my sister and parents to downtown Erie. (Took two cars.) We can see Erie from our back window but this was downtown Erie.

The first time I ever went to Erie was almost 10 years ago to help my boss Donny Wilcox coach his girls softball team. Uncle Wally and Ken (my current boss) were his normal assistant coaches but unavailable that day. I just remember that several roads downtown were not even paved.

But now Erie has become a bedroom community of Denver with large developments like the one we see from our backyard. Of course several back-up to the dump and have no trees whatsoever so we were not tempted to buy in Erie.

But we went to old town Erie to eat. Like Lafayette and Louisville, its an old mining town and has numerous 100 year old homes. We were going to go to the Colorado Coal Company Steakhouse. (It's CCC so it has to be good.) But as I drove up I saw next door was the Uptown Erie Cafe and thought, "I'd rather go here" so did everyone else. Good choice!

For locales I highly recommend this place! It's not like you might think of a diner in an old mining town. The service and food were excellent. (The first helped in that we were the only ones there other than a few folks enjoying happy hour.) Speaking of Happy Hour, appetizers were only a $1 from 5-6 pm. We eat around that time with small kids and my folks eat at that time because... well they are older.

Last night was "Kids eat for $1" night. I had the Salmon and it and the veggies were quite tasty. My dad had a burger which was huge. Other nights they have 'All you can eat catfish' or other specials. I think Robin and I will be back.

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