Friday, January 18, 2008

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Chess great Bobby Fischer has died.

I am by no means a Bobby Fischer or even that great a player but I thought in his memory I would list my top 5 chess victories.

5. I have not played much chess lately except on the South African airlines flight in December. I was unbeaten against the in-flight computer on all levels - beginner, intermediate and expert. Take that Deep Blue!

4. Beating a few Chinese friends in 98-99. I never for the life of me could beat them in Chinese Chess - partly because they never explained the rules - so I took pride in beating in anyone in what I called "REAL Chess."

3. Beating a few Russian friends in summer of 1991. They were no Kasparovs but when asked they did say 'Chess was one of their favorite sports.' Calling a 'game' a 'sport' gives you insight into how the Russian soul views chess and why Fischer was a big deal.

2. Winning the Truett-McConnell College Chess Championship as a Freshman. I only had to beat like 3 people so it wasn't that great a feat but I can say I was a "Collegiate Champion". I also beat my roommate in the championship game. He said, "Well I usually beat you, so this doesn't matter." I just smiled because I knew him well enough to know it did.

1. Beating an unnamed Georgia Tech grad in the summer of 1987 after losing my Queen. He got so mad and humiliated that he lost to a UGA grad that he knocked the board over and sent the pieces flying. It made the victory even more sweet. And he was afraid to play me again. (I actually know his name but since we both are still on staff with CCC, I will protect his identity.) Go DAWGS!


Angela said...

Do I sense a competitive spirit? ;)

Terrell said...

I whupped a close friend (a divinity student) one time in about 1970. The chess set we were using was unusual - pieces made from small nuts and bolts. Instead of simply upending his king, he embedded it in the sheetrock behind my head! Talk about competitive!

I have not played chess with Bob since.