Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Today was such a nice day....

When we came home from church the older kids in the neighborhood were playing war or something with AirSoft guns. So while Robin made lunch, the boys and I went out and found ones in the road and along the sidewalks. Luke found 50 and Jack & Drew found about 20 each (with Dad's help). Jack & Drew called the "baby balls" since they misunderstood Luke saying "BB Balls".

We had lunch on our picnic table in the back. Can you imagine it being warm enough for a picnic in Colorado in January especially after how cold it has been. But it was.

Then we walked out the back fence, crossed over the Farmer's ditch and hiked along the trail behind our house. We were heading back and Luke wanted to go to Erie. So we crossed Arapahoe Road and walked to a tree he calls the 'the castle tree'. It also along the same Farmer's ditch that crosses under Arapahoe. At that point the ditch is reinforced with bricks and concrete and looks like a castle. This cottonwood tree is right next to the ditch with a lot of low limbs that are easy to climb. A little boy's (and old boy's) delight. So we climbed around for a while, swung on limbs and then headed back home.

All in all a nice day.

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Carol said...

Those are the kinds of days that make wonderful memories you and your children will cherish forever.