Thursday, January 03, 2008

World Changers

Robin, the boys and I are at our annual Denver Christmas Conference. This am I held a “World Changers” breakfast where I had campuses invite students who already have a heart for the world.

After about 8 years of doing a “STINT recruiting breakfast”, it was a good change. The idea was born out of talking with one of my cohorts, Dana, earlier this fall. Her region has done a good job of creating a network of staff who own recruiting at each campus. We decided to do the same int he Great Plains but with students.

So 65 students gathered for bagels at 7:45 am. The first thing out of my mouth was ‘this is not a recruiting breakfast’ and you could feel the room of these student leaders relax. I had them share the verses God had used to impart a world vision to them. As several shared they not only read the verse but why it had impacted them.

I shared from Luke 5 about the miraculous catch. I pointed out things like ‘getting Jesus in your boat’, 'leaving the safety of the shore for the deep water’, ‘inviting friends to join you’ and ‘surrendering all’. Then I had them get into smaller groups and share reasons why their peers do not get involved in missions. We went around afterwards and shared those as a large group. A number of them personalized those fears and excuses and even how they felt convicted to surrender them to God.

I then shared how we wanted to continue to network and share ideas across the region of how to mobilize students to pray, give and go. We ended by spending some time praying for God to call students to go to the world.

Almost everyone of them came up to thank me as they gave me their contact info. I was encouraged and hope it goes a long way toward seeing God move students hearts to be about his heart for the world.

Well better go I have my third WSN event of the day - a Summit for Cameroon partnership - in about 15 minutes. (I had a lunch today for our projects leaders too.)


Anonymous said...

I miss your seminars Andy - thanks for posting the Cliff Note's version here. :)

rocky said...

Wow. Not sure what you thought about the wildly popular book Blue Like Jazz, but as I read through your website/blog I have to believe you and your readers/students would enjoy the new book: Brown Like Coffee. I found it at
I would love for you to read it and review/critique here on your site. Thanks

Andy McCullough said...

Seems I got spamed by Rocky on my blogs... Actually I loved "Blue Like Jazz" which he scoffs on his website. He said he couldn't find for instance 'bold evangelism' in BLJ. Did Rocky not read about the confessional booth on campus? He said he found Miller 'to be very self absorbed'. Why the spank to we feel like we can judge people's motives? What ever happened to 'love believes all things'? I don't know Donald Miller's motives any more than I do Rocky's or they know mine. Only the Lord knows and will bring this all to light at the Bema Seat. (Read 1 Cor 4) I read BLJ and it encouraged me in my faith. I have heard Donald Miller speak and loved what he had to say about the story God is writing.

Angela said...

I've had BLJ on my shelf for ages... I know I must read it... I will soon. I promise. I know I'll love it. I loved listening to a podcast of one of his talks. Awesome. I love the compelling story that he calls others to...

Anonymous said...

i got spammed by rocky, too.