Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mista Mista

While Robin was at our Parenting Class tonight I had all three boys since they were too sick for childcare. We walked down the street picking up BB Balls. We ended up in the front of John and Jennifer's house and they invited us in. John being a nurse noticed Jack's bad cough and examined him with a stethoscope.

He determined he had a viral congestion in his lungs that could lead to pneumonia. Thank the Lord for good neighbors. So he hunted me down a neighbor's Nebulizer System ("Mister Neb" brand) and called in a prescription for Albuterol Sulfate. After dinner and Robin got home we ran his first mista mista nebulizer.

Jack was a little scared at first but very brave after a few minutes. He has to inhale the misty medicine every 4 hours.

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