Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Little Guy

I came home today to Luke having 105 degree temperature. Robin just took him to Urgent Care. Hope its not that strain of flu going around.

This coming Sunday, he and I have a little trip together. I have some meetings for a week in SC so he is flying with me and staying with his grandparents (Robin's parents). Sure hope he is back to his self by then. (Well maybe not totally back to his self for his grandparents sake but well enough so he can have fun and be spoiled by them.)


The Baileys said...

Poor kiddo! Hope he gets better soon!

Andy McCullough said...

Murphy's Law: his fever broke before doctor saw him last night. He was diganosed as having bronchitus rather than flu which is good. He had a fever last night again but it broke this am. He still feels rather crummy.

The Baileys said...

Maybe watching the eclipse tonight with his new telescope will help cheer him up! Of course, this is assuming we can actually see it through the clouds.