Thursday, March 27, 2008


I think the first two favorite sports heroes I had growing up were Hank Aaron and Pete Mavarich. They both wore number 44. Hank of course hit 755 dingers w/o any performance enhancing drugs. Pete was a magician with the ball all the while using performance-limiting drugs.

I remember being really distraught to learn the Hawks had traded Pistol Pete to the New Orleans Jazz when I was 6. I may have not been so distraught when Hank was traded to the Brewers because everyone said he was old. He was 41. Pete died before he was 41. Today I am 44.

528 months
2,296 weeks
16,071 days
385,713 hours
23,142,755 minutes (at the time I turned 44.)
1,388,565,336 seconds (ditto)

I was born on Good Friday.

In 1964 there were approximately 4.2 million births in the US.
The US population was c. 179,323,175 people, 50.6 persons per square mile.
In the US, that year there were c. 1,523,000 marriages (8.5%) and 393,000 divorces (2.2%).
In 1964 in the US there were c. 1,712,000 deaths (9.5 per 1000).
A baby like myself in the US in '64 was born approximately every 8 seconds.
One person was dying about every 12 seconds.

I am feeling 44. But feel blessed to have a wonderful wife, three little boys whom I adore, a wonderful family, a home, true friends, a great job and a Savior who who didn't come to condemn me but die for me and give me life, abundant life.

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