Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mad About March

Tomorrow my Georgia Bulldogs (yes, they are mine) open up in the NCAA Tournament against Xavier at 10:30 am (my time). I don't know that much about Xavier except that's it’s a Catholic school in Cincy. I know they are favored over the Dawgs and deep with seniors.

When I was filling out my bracket(s), I tried not to let my judgments be swayed by my loyalties. I know the Dawgs were pathetic until the SEC Tournament... but, they were amazing. They won 4 in 3 days and 3 of them were against Tourney-bound teams (Kentucky, Mississippi State and Arkansas). If they play like that they can beat anyone.

And I can't help but think of the 1983 team that got hot, won the SEC Tournament and proceeded to beat St. John's (the beast of the East with Chris Mullin) and defending champs UNC (with Sam Perkins and this SO named Michael Jordan) by 10 points. Sam Perkins said the day before the game, "Georgia? I don't even know what conference they are from." SEC, Sam. SEC.

(Okay we lost to NC State in ABQ at the Final Four and yes, I know it was 25 years ago but that's the only Final Four we've been to so it’s all I got.)


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