Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Kind of Leader Are You

I saw this "Leadership Profile" quiz from linked at Reasoned Audacity and decided to take the test

I scored out as Dwight Eisenhower among others. Shows I like to give the big picture casting vision to the troops but trust those under my leadership with the details and to make adjustments as necessary. I am also not into unconditional surrender of the enemy.

Speaking of Ike, I highly recommend...

* Eisenhower's Presidential Library in Abilene Kansas if driving out I-70. You get a two-for-oneWWII Museum as well as a Presidential Library.

* At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends by Eisenhower.


The Baileys said...

My Results:


Douglas MacArthur was born in 1880, the son of Arthur MacArthur, who had been awarded the Medal of Honor during the Civil War and was the senior ranking officer in the army when he retired in 1906. Douglas MacArthur graduated West Point at the head of his class, setting the highest scholastic record at the academy in 25 years. In World War I, MacArthur helped organize the famed 42nd Infantry Division, better known as the "Rainbow Division." Following the war, MacArthur became the superintendent at West Point, the youngest officer to ever hold that post. In World War II, MacArthur was supreme commander for the Allied powers. In the Korean War, the general was named to direct U.N. forces in the defense of South Korea.
Leadership Attributes:

MacArthur was a brilliant and flamboyant general. One of his most famous exploits was the Inchon landings in Korea. While the bulk of the North Korean Army was kept occupied to the south, MacArthur planned a risky amphibious assault on Inchon that would trap the entire North Korean force. In lightning speed and with perfect operational execution, the troops landed and ultimately destroyed the North Korean army. MacArthur trusted more in battle than in diplomacy. Rather than seeking a diplomatic solution in Korea, he urged Truman to authorize moving troops into North Korean itself. And he advocated blockading and using nuclear weapons against China, which would risk all-out war.

Andy McCullough said...

Not sure how much I like having a loose cannon like MacArthur for a neighbor.

Global Road said...

I took it and came out "the Skipper" from Gilligan's Island.