Saturday, April 19, 2008


Easter Sunday all the kids at our church got a balloon with a bag of candy attached. When we got home and out of the van, Jack let go of his accidentally. As we watched it drift northward, Jack screamed bloody murder. Maybe for 15 minutes. He and Drew still talk about it and maybe a week after saw a hot air balloon and said it was Jack's.

Last weekend, we went to Mcguckin's and some nice old man working there gave us balloons. No helium. He blew up one for Drew and gave me extras for Jack and Drew who with Robin looking at seeds at the time. Jack and Drew's balloons have been in the car since then.

This morning, I spoke in Denver at a regional kickoff for our interns (8 am no less!) then went down to Englewood to buy a chair Robin found on Craig's List. I guess when we unloaded the chair this afternoon with the help of my neighbor, Noah, the balloons came out. The wind blew them into the backyard.

Jack freaked! The rest of the afternoon he laid on the sofa holding both balloons screaming if anyone opened the door in fear that his balloons would float away. Robin said he wouldn't even get up to get a snack.

I am thinking of buying him this.


Annie B said...

Hi Andy and Robin!
You have to admit, though, the little mermaid made by a baloon bender is pretty amazing! Thanks for your prayers. Appreciating pray for my new friend, Dave. He draws me closer to the Lord and is such a blessing. Also, do you have any pointers for my learning about the Kurds in Armenia. Trying to write a paper for Perspectives...ugg...I feel old. Blessings to you OLD friends. :)

Annie Bennett

Joan said...

Kids are such little individuals from day 1! You just never know what is in those little minds. How I'd like to get to know those little guys better! They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

i feel kinda mean saying this...but that's really, really funny. it'll be one of those stories you can tell his dates when he's 16 and insecure.

Andy McCullough said...

Joan - We will be in GA in June for Mom & Dad's 50th. Would love if we could swing by see you and all the 'Romans'. If anyone would be willing to put up a family fo 5 for a night.

Francine - You don't know the 1/2 of it. Yesterday he freaked out when I was racking leaves/tree leaves into a bag. So afraid the garabe bag would blow away and then later last night I had to go and remove Luke's homemade bird house because he was afraid the wind would blow it. I tried to tell him the wind was our friend. Luke told him the wind was God. (A little misunderstanding of a theology point I tried to tell him a few weeks ago that God was 'like' the wind.)