Friday, May 30, 2008

My Three Sons

Things I have learned about my sons lately...

~Luke can read a lot of words but he is embarrassed to admit it.

~ Jack knows how to paint (real painting) with a brush making smooth up and down strokes. Last night we helped Jennifer down the street paint her chicken coop. Robin gave him one instruction and he was doing it perfectly on the first try.

~ Drew is very compassionate. He is always making sure others are okay if they are hurt or upset.

~ Luke can retain facts that amaze me. he will just spout off some fact about an animal that I had no clue about. Robin will have just read it to him once. He already knows more about weather, animals and planets than I do.

~ Jack has good balance. The other day he walked across a log over a marshy area keeping his balance.

~ Drew is one of the friendliest little guys you will ever meet. He waves at everyone. The other morning, he woke up and came into the living room and said, "Hey Robin!"


The Baileys said...

Most of the time your kids still look blankly at us, at least the twins. No waves. I think they were confused to see us this morning.

Andy McCullough said...

They usually wave when you drive up or drive away "Hey Noah. Bye Noah".

The Baileys said...

OK, so maybe they wave at Noah or I just never notice it. I'll usually see them in the yard and wave and they just stare...maybe they're wondering why I'm just now saying "Hi" when they already offered the greeting minutes before. :-D