Monday, May 12, 2008

Scrapping My Ceiling

This week, my boss is giving me his boys loft. He has twins too but they are older and so they have out-grown it and want separate rooms.

So on Wednesday, Ken is coming over to reconstruct the loft for our boys. Because its so big, we are switching rooms with them. So Luke, jack and Drew will get the Master bedroom and Robin & I will move into the smaller upstairs bedroom. Part of the deal too will be that I will use the closet in the spare bedroom/office downstairs because the closet in the smaller bedroom isn't very big.
To get ready, Robin has been painting that room. Robin swears the previous color was prison grey and even said so on the can. (I guess I could have checked a few of the many cans I had to un-store from our garage. But I believe her).
Not only did it have prison grey walls bit it had ugly pop-corn ceiling texture. Sometimes referred to as cottage cheese ceiling. (But no quarter like the pic i harvested from internet.) I am sure it looked good in the day with those lovely grey walls in the master bedroom.

Saturday morning made a couple of errands with the boys to Home Depot and Sherwin-Williams. (S-W specially doesn't sell Prison Grey.) After lunch moved out our bedroom furniture with Robin's help and then I proceeded to bring down the cottage cheese. Robin took Jack and Drew to grocery store so they would be out of my hair. Luke stayed behind and was my helper. He refilled my spray bottle with water, went and got my protective goggles for me, held the ladder if he thought I needed it and even vacuumed some of the snow mounds with the power vac.

It's not that hard of a job especially if you spray pump water on it first. Scraps right off. Make sure you have a good tarp below to catch the 'falling snow' as Luke called it. But after looking up and falling debris for a while and after hours of helping a friend move on Friday, it wore me out. I made the mistake of not using goggles initially so until Luke ran and grabbed them for me, I accumulated thousands of tiny particles in my eyes. I think they all finally worked their way out last night. Just hope it wasn't asbestos.

Now all I need to do is apply joint compound to ceiling, sanding where needed and do same procedure to the old ceiling in the smaller bedroom after we build the loft and move the boys furniture into the big room.

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