Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Highlights from the Road

June 15th - Happy Father's Day to me. Spent night in Salina, KS. Wouldn't recommend the motel. Jack and Drew had the biggest grins though when we went into indoor pool.

June 16th - St. Louis at home of Chris & Valerie Hyatt. Valerie was my associate director for 4 years when I was the Campus Crusade for Christ director at the University of Northern Colorado. The boys got tons of mosquito bites and I got one under my left eye-lid. Still bothers me. I told Jack "to walk up to the little boy (V's son Jonathan) and tell him your name and ask if you can ride his toy car". So Jack walks up to his brother Drew and says "My name is Jack, can I ride your car?"

June 17th - Crossed the Mississippi (not at flood stage then where we were) and drove to KY. Spent the night in Corbin KY at a much better hotel (and Cheaper) than KS. Ate at the original Colonel Sander's restaurant. I forgot to ask if the story of rats found in chicken bucket was real.

June 18th - Made it Cornelia, GA. Along the way we made a pit stop off I-40 East of Knoxville and the "welcome Center" happened to be at the stadium for the Minor League Tennessee Smokies. Got to go into stadium and the grounds crew gave each of the boys a baseball.

June 19th - Don't remember exactly what we did but sure it involved resting and eating ice cream. Oh did chop down an old dead tree for dad and Luke & Jack later got stung by yellow jackets. I found the real story late at night. Seems Jack & Drew were putting leaving in the 'bee' hole and Luke was pulling them out.

June 20th - After playing/walking at Pits park with Grandma we drove to Mark of the Potter. The boys got to feed the trout. Laura and her brood came up later int he afternoon. After initial fear, the boys warmed up to the cousins and were sad when they left.

June 21st - the reason we drove back east/south. Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary. big fun day with lots of relatives and friends. Fun to see my aunt & uncle and cousins who I haven't seen in 5 years. Stayed up late talking with all of Laura's family, Belinda, Mom and Dad. Kids were wired up playing with ballons and cousins.

June 22nd - Went to church at Leatherwood Baptist and then drive to Glenville, NC and began the 2nd leg of time with family. This time Robin's mom, dad, sister (Susan), nephew (Cyrus) and brother (Allan) . (Only Tucker was missing.) Laid in bed with the boys after breaking up a fight over space.

Yesterday 23rd - Helped Allan moved a pile of limbs and logs. Then we all went for a boat ride on Lake Glenville. Made it into a Pirate ship for Luke's (early ) birthday party. Complete with Jolly Roger flag and pirate gear. Swam a little with Luke and saw several water falls.

Today 24th- Found Internet connection. But my email server is down so I can't answer the 300+ emails I am certain to have. Darn!

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