Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Fads in One

Today Jack went with me to get the Camry's Emission checked and then register both cars. As we were riding in Broomfield to the Emission place, I saw a new coffee shop. We used to live in Broomfield up until a year ago and I was always looking for a good coffee place so this caught my eye. Now this not just any old coffee shop, this is a combo Coffee shop/Tattoo parlor: The Smokey Banana.

As I searched the web for the Smokey Banana's site I see where it won the Westwood Denver's Best Place to get Coffee and a Tattoo. Like does it have any competition for that award? (Considering I found the pic of "Smokey Banana's sign from first position on a Google image search of 'tattoo coffee', I'd say they have cornered the market.) And from the Westwood review, it looks like that market is the biker crowd that craves skinny mocha lattes.

I wonder what other combos are potential business ventures?
Bar & Funeral Home - Robin suggested that one.
Gun Store & Donut Shop - You could call it 'Cops & Robbers'
Malt Shop & Tanning Salon - Shake & Bake
Laundromat & Bike Shop - Spin Cycle

(Maybe if any readers out there, they can suggest a few.)

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