Sunday, July 06, 2008

Highlights From the Road II

Wed June 25th - Susan, Woody and Carolyn all left Glenville and we had the place to ourselves. Went into Cashiers and found a park.

Thu June 26th - Libby Hall, Robin's friend from UGA and a bridesmaid, came over. We swam until we saw lightening and thunderstorms.

Fri June 27th - Went back to my parents. Stopped outside of Highlands and hiked a little to a waterfall.

Sat June 28th - Laura and her family came up to Mom & Dad's. We celebrated Luke's birthday (again). Then we went to spent evening with White Oak church that was up at a local campground.

Sun June 29th - I drove down to Gainesville to speak at a SS Class that supports us. I remembered while driving that I hadn't told a number of friends/supporters that I was coming but I didn't have their numbers on me. Bummer! Luke officially 6.

Mon June 30th - We packed up to head towards home. Stopped in Jackson, MS. Nothing eventful except we got to swim in a pool and the kids drove us crazy at night when we were both beyond tired.

Tue July 1st - Drove to Denton, TX and stayed with a friend of mine from college - Geoffrey Okere and his family. We had an incredible West African meal for dinner and a great visit/reunion. Luke, Jack and Drew enjoyed playing with his son.

Wed July 2nd - Drove to Lubbock, TX to stay with some staff friends. Let's just say Texas is boring. Miles and miles of nothing. Most of the day in the East Texas map and still boring. Got my first ticket for going 5 miles over the speed limit. (How can they ticket you for wanting to leave that state as fast as you can?) Got to swim in their neighborhood pool. Luke made a friend in Luke Newport.

July 3rd & 4th - Drove to Los Alamos, NM to stay with Dan & Lori Tepley. Highlight of drive was stopping in Sudan, TX for a potty break and going into one lone store not bored-up - a grocery store. (Sudan is appropriately named.) Bought the kids souvenir fly swatters for the cars. They lost some of the 'sword' privilege when they became brother (or mother) swatters.

Dan was in our wedding and the Tepley's are good friends/supporters. We actually stayed two nights. Celebrated 4th (and Dan's 40th) with them and some of their friends from church. Didn't even think about our kids because so many little girls acting like moms/babysitters. (I think Drew fell in love with 8 year-old Gabba.) Did sparklers and Luke got to see cactus's in the canyon behind their house.

July 5th - Drove home. 3 weeks. Exhausted. Feel way behind since I leave for South Africa in less than 2 weeks. Wondering if my sprinkler didn't work while I was gone because my whole, backyard is brown.

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