Monday, August 11, 2008

Narcoleptic Thoughts

Over the weekend, we had a funny episode. On Saturday at dinner time, Jack went in a moment's time from whining to sacking out. I picked him up to take him to bed and he woke up whining/crying again and so I started to rock him and he instantly fell back asleep hard.

I don't think he has narcolepsy - just stayed up too late the night before as we had a block party in the neighborhood and then woke up early Saturday am to catch cartoons.

But it reminded me of a funny thing that happened recently. Robin and the boys picked me up at airport on the afternoon of 7/31 when i got back from South Africa. When we drove up to the little booth to pay for parking, the attendant was asleep. She had just accepted money from the person in front of us so it was rather startling. You'd think she'd just flown 20 hours like me or something. Robin had to reach outside the van and tap her on the shoulder and she jumped up and acted like she wasn't even sleeping.

I guess it was better than if her job was driving an airport shuttle bus. Imagine that. Maybe being a toll-taker is such an easy job that she thought she could do it in her sleep.

Of course if I was driving instead of Robin given that I had been driving on other side of road in RSA and that I could barely keep my eyes open this might have happened....

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