Friday, August 22, 2008

A Special Night with my Son

Last night, I read Luke the "Big Picture Bible". I really like it because it gives the 'big picture' of the bible that Jesus is the King and God is redeeming people from all over the earth who will worship Him.

In the past we might have just read a few chapters. But we actually read most of the 400+ pages last night skipping ahead at times to Jesus and then to the Passion week.

After we finished I shared the gospel with Luke. I asked if he knew the verse "For God so loved the world..." and that he could put his name in that verse. We talked about God having a plan for his life and the problem that we all have because of sin. I asked him if he knew what sin was and he did. (Of course he does because he had two time-outs during dinner earlier in the night). But I also explained how the problem is not just our actions but that we need a new heart. We talked about why Jesus died and how we could receive Him as our Savior.
I asked if if Jesus was outside his heart or inside and if he wanted to invite him in. First Luke said he did and then he said he was not sure. So I explained to him how he could once he was ready.

This was a big step because usually Luke starts acting silly when we talk about Spiritual things. He was really tracking and it was a special night just to get to share the gospel with him.
Please join Robin and I in prayer for Luke. Our desire is that he would coem to faith not so that life would be easier for us as parents but that he would know the depth of God's love for him... that he would follow Jesus and live out what He has in store for him.

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Ruth said...

You are a good father to those three precious boys. I always enjoyed ready your posts.