Saturday, September 06, 2008

Into the Eye of the Storm

Every September we have week-long National WSN team planning meetings called Verticals.  Not really sure why unless meetings within the 10 regions are supposed to be called Horizontals.  We meet and strategic plan for the year and try to tackle big issues we face.   All in an effort to see be able to take God's glory to more and more places.

Usually we meet in places like a beach in California which makes it nice for me.  Last year I went early and spent the weekend with my sister, Belinda, and hung out with a good friend who is at Talbot.  Meeting along the coast is a nice break because even though we spend most of the times in meetings when we do get a break you can walk along the beach.   One year we went down to Mexico City which while not the beach was fun because we were at the start of the CityFocus effort and spend a day going to campuses launching movements.  Once we even met in Estes Park, CO which was especially sweet because its only an hour away.  Plus fair-skinned that I am, I'd rather hike along a trail in RMNP than along the beach.

But this year, though the reasoning escapes me, we are meeting in Daytona Beach, FL.  I think maybe because its close to our HQ in Orlando or maybe we got this sweet deal. Of course we got a sweet deal, it's hurricane season.   Hanna made landfall this morning but Ike is right behind her.  He is supposed to go along the Keys and into the Gulf but if he makes a right-hand turn we are toast.  Either way we are wet.

At least we know next year we will be back on the West Coast..  deal or no deal.  I vote for Seattle or Portland.

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Chris Broyles said...

Andy, this is Chris Broyles down here in Norman, Oklahoma forecasting hurricanes and tornadoes for a living. I think Portland would be a safe bet next year. Its been a very long time since I talked to you (15 years I think). Thanks for impacting me so much in my walk with Christ back in college. I will never forget it and I'm so thankful. I've been trying to contact you. My email is