Monday, October 13, 2008

A Message from our Lawyer

The previous blog entry by our staff was removed.

Campus Crusade doesn't get involved in political campaigns

First, and most important, the Board and the leadership believe that if Campus Crusade engages in the political process it will damage its ability to effectively communicate the gospel. Our mission of connecting people to Jesus is compromised if some of the people we most want to reach won't listen because they disagree with perceived organizational political stands.

Second, the law prohibits religious charities from endorsing political candidates and strictly limits their involvement in campaigns for propositions or ballot initiatives. If the ministry violates that law it risks losing its tax exempt (501 (c)(3)) status, and its ability to receive tax deductible contributions.

What this means for our staff family of which Andy is

Campus Crusade Web sites, both ministry sites and personal staff sites that are associated with the ministry, may not be used in connection with any campaign. This includes such indirect activity as adding information about particular campaigns to a site without expressing an overt opinion. It also includes adding links to particular campaign Web sites and links to other sites that are designed to evaluate or provide information about campaigns. It also includes the use of forums, blogs, social network sites (e.g.,, and other "new media," in connection with a campaign or to discuss a campaign, where the forum, blog or site, or your participation in them, is associated in any way with Campus Crusade for Christ. "Association," for charities, includes use of company e-mail addresses on social networking sites as well as listing the name of your employer.  IRS regulations state that your employer's name may be used along with a qualifier indicating that "the opinions expressed are personal and do not express the views or positions of the employer;"

So if you took a few minutes with Andy within the past 24 hours, please disregard any remarks about how socialism is not the answer.   Now back to your regular blog reading schedule...