Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Luke's Obsession with Hamsters

A few weeks again Luke held a friend's hamster for like 3 minutes.  Since then he has been obsessed with hamsters.  He talks about them at night.  When asked what he is thankful for, he says hamsters.  I asked him what he would name a hamster if he got one and he said 'ticklish' which is the name of his friend's.  So I told him maybe he should think of another name so he won't confuse them and he said, "I will call him Luke."

Last night he sat down on his own and colored and created a wheel for a hamster out of paper.  Then he made a paper hamster with wiskers, stand-up feet and tail and put it in a cardboard box creating a hamster diorama.

Okay... okay... we get the hint.  We will get him one for Christmas.  I just hope his obsession continues once he realizes he has to feed him and clean his cage.   

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