Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5 Posts for Christmas... When I was Sick

Ten Sobering facts...
1. Billions of people in the world are suffering from diseases that we have a cure for... they just don't have access to proper medical care.

2. Today (and every day) in the developing world 16,000 children will die from hunger or preventable diseases like diarrhea, acute respiratory infections or malaria... 16,000.

3.  Sixty percent of these 16,000 children's death each day are from malnutrition and hunger.  

4.  Of the 30 countries in the world with the lowest number of physicians per capita, 26 are in Sub-Sahara Africa.

5. There are 300 physicians per every 100,000 people in America.  In Tanzania, Malawi and Niger there  are only 2 doctors per every 100,000.

6.  About 39 1/2 million people in the world are suffering from HIV/AIDs.  Of this number 2 out
 of every 3 live in Sub-Sahara Africa.
7.  Because of AIDs,  the per capita economic growth in these African nations is falling each year as the bread-earners fall sick or die.  Creating more malnutrition and sickness among children.

8. In the developing world, 20 million low-birth weight babies are born every year.  They are at risk of dying in infancy or suffering lifelong physical or cognitive disabilities.

9. Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria.  This is while malaria was been eradicated from the US for over 50 years.

10. Right now there is a Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe.   The reported number of deaths as of two days ago was 774.  The suspected number of cases is over 15,000 and is expected to rise as high as 60,000 in the coming months.

"Then the King will say... I was sick and you stopped to visit. ....  Master, what are you talking about?... the King will say, 'I am telling the solemn truth: whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me - you did it to me.'"   (The Message)

Three ways to give Jesus a gift...

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