Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why is it Wrong to Honk Your Horn?

This morning a guy almost pulled out in front me.  He was leaving the parking lot of the Catholic church as we were heading to church.  It was obvoius he was not going to stop and it wasn't looking at us.  I honked my horn,  just letting him know I was there.  He stopped in time and as I went by, he laid on his horn back at me.

Okay if a horn is wrong to use, why do they put one in every car?   I don't get it.  Like if say he was about to walk out in the street and a car was coming and someone yelled, 'look out', would he have yelled back at them 'look out yourself'?   

What's up with people being upset with someone honks?  Usually people honk not to point out they are stupid but to warn them, 'hey I am here and you don't look like you are gonna stop'.  Or 'hey put down the cell phone and notice that the light changed like a half a minute ago'.   Or 'I must be in your blind spot because why else would you be coming into my lane.'   It's not like I honk because someone is going too slow in the fast lane.  (I just blink my lights at those times.)

When did using a horn suddenly mean you were the one being rude?

Like is it a sin to honk?  And if it is, I won.   I was going to church.  He was leaving so he's gotta wait a whole week to see his priest again to deal with that one.  

I say: "Let's bring back the use of the horn".   Let's make it friendly.   "Hey, buddy, just letting you know I am here."   A gentle wake-up call.  A neighborly greeting.  And if you are reading this while driving, I hope someone is laying down on the horn at you right now.


Ethan and Terah Wiekamp said...

Agreed. Here's one for you - I actually got a courtesy wave the other day after a 'double quick' honk at a light (they were looking at their phone on a green arrow). I say we begin a social experiment to determine whether or not the double quick honk carries a positive connotation with it. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Andy- i LOVE your posts!

-elizabeth house

Andy McCullough said...

E & T ~ Hmmm double quick, eh? Will test that theory. Maybe I laid on it too much.

Elizabeth ~ Thanks!