Monday, April 06, 2009

I am Rich... You are Rich.

Last week, I was mulling over the story of the Rich Young Ruler. Usually when I read this I think, 'not me.  I am not rich, not young and not a ruler.'   This passage is for someone else.   But am I?   (Not the young part because I am now 45 and therefore only young to people like my dad.)  Are you?

Check out this test to see!   I am in the top 4.62% and the 277,391,305th richest person on the planet!  Ouch!   That dude is me!   (Maybe I am the Luke version of this story since Luke doesn't say he is 'young'.)

Is there one thing I lack like this guy?  Would I sell all of my possessions and give to the poor and follow Him?  ( And no this isn't the only time Jesus said to do this.)  Do I walk away sad because I have a lot of stuff - idols, things my grip is tight on, things that stand between me and God? (And why does - not once but twice - when people asked how to have eternal life Jesus it turns it into a call to serve the poor?  I never learned that evangelism technique in CCC.)

The other morning, I sat in the green chair in our living room and in tears said, "I give it all away to the poor.  Once again I sign the deed of my life to you.  I don't know if Lord you want me to sell this stuff but if it stands between me and you, between me having treasure in heaven, its gone."   Now I didn't list everything on Craig's list or load up a truck and take it down to Sister Carmen's.  Maybe I should.   But I resolved that I will leave all - position, power, possessions, some other 'p' I can't think of... to experience life, real life, a life of purpose (hey there's another 'p')... forever.

And then I picked up the book Robin gave me... and read about someone else wrestling with this passage.   

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder andy :)

-elizabeth house