Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sorry James Tipu Talukdar, I Don't know You

Seems weekly (sometimes daily), I get random friend requests on facebook from people I have no clue who they are.  

I almost befriended this guy though.  Not so much because I know him but for the profile pic.

Maybe we should have a vote.  Is it...

A. Their child who is very tall for an infant and has an abnormally sized noggin.
B.  An actual floating baby head that just drifted into the frame as the picture was being taken.  Seems Bangladesh is being overrun by floating baby heads at a pandemic rate.
C.  A very bad photoshop job.  (I am not even sure the baby is of the same race/nationality.)
D. A balloon.


Matt said...

hmmm....I just friended this guy about 15 minutes ago.

Andy McCullough said...

HA! You and Gauthier are just too gullible.

Cori Crawford said...

I think this is the unfortunate outcome of a man who walked the streets lamenting, "her womb was a rocky place in which my seed could find no purchase".

Andy McCullough said...

Ah a Raising Arizona reference!

The full line is: "It was hard for me to believe that this woman who looked as fertile as the Tennessee Valley could bear no children. But the doctor explained that Ed's insides were a rocky soil which my seed could find no purchase."