Friday, May 29, 2009

Luke: When I Grew Up

Yesterday Luke finished his year of kindergarten. (sorry not a current pic)  No graduation but they did have a pool party.  Robin and I are proud of him as he has learned a lot this year and really grown in terms of interacting with his class.

Last night we were talking as we went to bed.  he said, "Dad when I get older I am gonna feed orphans like you.  (Note:  Not sure I feed orphans but we are going together as a family to work with a ministry this summer that does that in South Africa.  You can read our team updates here. )  He said, "I am going to run an orphanage.  Dad, there are a lot of kids who die every year because they are hunger and I won't be able to save them all but I can save a few from dying."  

WOW!  Robin and I are hoping this summer is a life-changing time for our boys.  But even before we go, Luke is already thinking of serving those who don't have.  When I was six I was saying I wanted to be something like a baseball player, an astronaut or a famous actor.   My son is saying he wants to serve the poor and run an orphanage!

(Before you put him on a pedestal, know that he got a time out earlier that evening for acting disrespectful  during the blessing over supper meal.  Its a nightly occurrence.)

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Ruth said...

WOW...what a beautiful and thoughtful little boy. As you said, he is a normal boy with, as all of us, human failings. But your post brought tears to my eyes and i thought of Mama relating to me how Papa prayed for all his descendents on his death bed. The Holy Spirit is already working in Luke's life.