Friday, May 15, 2009

RSVP Friday Delivery

On Fridays (unless I forget or they don't need me), I help deliver groceries for RSVP.  This morning Luke went with me as my helper.  He had a choice of going with Robin and his brothers to church to set up for a yard sale for missions.  But he said he didn't feel like doing either.  I didn't push it but when it came time to go I asked again if he wanted to go with me.  (If he didn't I was going to have to cancel.)   But he said he wanted to go and I was glad.

It was good having a helper.  We only had two deliveries.  One was to a lady that I had never met.  She was a school teacher in California for 20+ years and came here 3 years ago to visit her sister.  She got sick and never left.  She was in a wheelchair having lost part of her left leg to diabetics.  But she had a joyous smile and I enjoyed chatting with her.  If I didn't have another delivery and Luke didn't have to go school, I might have stayed all morning and talked with her.

In fact as I am writing, I am remembering that she had called the home repair department with RSVP to see if someone could install a ceiling fan and wasn't sure if they could come.  Maybe I will call her back and see if she got that done.  If not today, perhaps I can swing by tomorrow after Luke's last soccer game.

I did learn some sad news this morning.  One of the men we deliver to regularly died.  His name was Vern Ewing (pictured here).  I haven't seen his obit in the paper yet but he died Sunday.  His family was a long time member of the community and his family homestead is a historic site.

Mr. Ewing was a nice man and I enjoyed getting to know him the half a dozen times I have delivered to he and his wife.  (Dick, another deliverer, usually took Mr. Ewing because he considered him a friend.) Mr. Ewing is the 2nd gentleman to whom I have delivered groceries that I know of that has died.  Sad to think of these nice people passing away.  Makes me think more about taking time to listen to them and be a blessing to them as I deliver.

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