Thursday, June 11, 2009

New blogging home

Ladies and Gentlemen, If you are looking for a "Few Minutes with Andy', I have moved to a new web home: Global Andy ! Not only is my blog there but info on our minsitry and other little fun things.

So after almost 1000 blog posts on 5 different blogger blogs I wrote for and 2 more I contributed to, I am now under Wordpress. Quite frankly it took me a while to master the intial set-up but it allows me to do more than just blog.

But I will still blog sharing opservations of life, family and your basic random stuff. I promise to write from time to time about the travails of my house to keep the Burning Hearts Revolution and his lovely wife laughing at my expense. And all the posts you may have loved/hated/missed on this site and the achived devotions on STINT Leaders have been imported to the new site. (Even the one the Burning Hearts wife gently rebuked me on.) Now you can find it here!

If you like visiting my blog, there are a number of ways you could choose, I prefer Google Reader myself as you can subscribe to all your favorite sites and its then its like have a newspaper that you can visit. So simply add .


Anonymous said...
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Michael Gormley said...
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Louisiana Bear hunting said...

congratulations on your new home! more blogs to come!