Monday, October 31, 2005

My Dad's Heart

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from my mom. Now in the 19 years since I was in College, I can count all the times one of my parents have called me on both hands. (It's kind of an endearing thing.) So I knew something must have been up.

Turns out my dad was in the hospital. He had a pain in his shoulder and went to the emergency room. Now for my dad to go to a doctor the pain must have been really bad. They found his heartbeat was irregular and couldn't get it to go down. It's kinda tough getting a call like this when you are in Colorado and your parents are in Georgia.

My dad ended up having expolortory surgery. They didn't find any blockage and therefore didn't have to put in a shunt. His heart-rate finally returned to normal after a few days and he went home.

In those few days when I was here waiting to hear back from my mom and praying for my dad, I thought a lot of my dad and his heart. Here's just a few thoughts on the kind of heart my dad has...

He has a heart that loves the Lord (Dt 6:5; Luke 10:27)
He has a heart after God's own heart (I Sam 13:14)
He has a heart fully committed to the Lord (I Kings 8:61)
He has a heart that rejoices in His Salvation (Ps 13:5)
He has a glad heart (Ps 16:9)
He has a trusting heart (Ps 28:7; Pr 3:5)
He has a pure heart (Ps 51:10; Matt 5:8)
He has a broken and contrite heart (Ps 51:17)
He has a steadfast heart (Ps 57:7)
He has a heart that confess sin (Ps 66:18)
He has an undivided heart (Ps 86:11)
He has an upright heart (Ps 97:11)
He has a heart with the Lord's word hidden in it (Ps 119:11)
He has a guarded heart (Pr 4:23)
He has a cheerful heart (Pr 17:22)
He has a wise heart (Ecc 8:5)
He has a heart that seeks God (Jer 29:13)
He has a compassionate heart for the lost (Matt 9:36)
He has an untroubled heart (Jn 14:1)
He has a circumcised heart (Rom 2:29
He has a believing heart (Rom 10:10)
He has a heart where Christ dwells through faith (Eph 3:17)
He has a heart that makes music (Eph 5:19)
He has a heart set on things above (Col 3:1)
He has a heart soft to the Lord (Heb 3:8)
He has a sincere heart (Heb 10:22)
He has a heart that loves others deeply (1 Pet 1:22)
He has a heart that has set apart Christ as Lord (1 Pete 3:15)

My dad is now home and I am looking forward to seeing him and my mom over Thanksgiving. I really want my sons to know their granddad and grandma. I could only wish that I and they would have half the heart my dad has.


Anonymous said...

Andy, praying for your dad.


Ruth said...

Thanks Andy for calling our attention to the post about your "Daddy's Heart". It is beautiful and so true. he and all of you continue in my prayers.