Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Agustin Garduno

One of the highlights for me last week was getting to know Agustin Garduno better. Agustin (see on the left sharing the CityFocus viz with students and pastors from Mexico City) is the National Director for Mexico. I got to ride with him in one of the taxis we grabbed when we first got to the DF. I knew Agustin grew up in Mexico City so I asked a little about what part of the city he was from and how he came to know the Lord.

Agustin came to Christ in the 70's while a student at a private University in the city. There was no CCC at his campus but he was involved in the one at UNAM where he had friends. He shared with me how the campus ministry was once really strong then in the DF and all of Mexico but when he was a young director all the guys like himself were challenged to help with the "I Found It" Campaign. They never came back to work on the universities. At present we only have one American full-time staff and a STINT Team working in the Campus ministry in MexCity. We left the campus ministry and the most influential city behind. Agustin shared with us that night of his viz to see movements on every university in the city and among every faculty on each campus. Movements so that every student in Mexico City will know someone who truly follows Jesus. Movements that will change the city, the country and impact the world!

May the Lord lead us to 1000's on men and women like Agustin was 30 years ago. Men and Women who will follow Him and help us change the world!

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