Sunday, November 13, 2005

CityFocus: Mexico

Last week I went to Mexico with a group of folks. We went to scout out Mexico City: a city of about 20 million people and a university (UNAM) that is the largest in the America's (1/2 million students) and the oldest in the Western hemisphere.

There's a lot to write about our week but some of the highlights to me where praying over the city from the top of the Latin America tower, eating tacos al pastor, touring very livable neighborhoods, planning with some really cool leaders from both the US and Mexico, sharing Christ with two guys outside a coffeeshop in a neighborhood (Coyoacan) that Trotsky, Frida and Diego Rivera lived in, and and believing God for seeing movements launched all over the city.

Countdown to Sept 1st when we fully launch this new effort to see movements on every campus and in every faculty.

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