Tuesday, January 31, 2006

6 months old

Sunday was Jack (right) and Drew's 6th month birthday. Robin took this pic after church. (That's my gruffy chin.) It was one of those rare times in the last six months where we have all made it to church. Hard getting everyone out the door.

Jack cut his first tooth on Friday the 27th. So he got a tooth two days before his 1/2 year birthday and Luke got his on Christmas Day 2002, 4 days before his. Drew is a still a 'gummy bear'. But we are not comparing!

Last week they had their 6 mth checkup. Each has gained exactly 10 lbs and 1 oz since birth. Jack is in the 20 percentile and Drew 10 percentile.

I came home yesterday and after a long day with twins and sick 3 yr old, Robin remarked that we have too many children. But she added that we will keep them anyway.


Ruth said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Yes. Only one child takes ALL your time and ALL your energy, not to mention,All your money. So here you are working 3 times ALL All three boys look like they are thriving and so do the two adults in your beautiful family. Thank God for His grace and wisdom.

Joan said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and the toothy news. They are all three very precious!