Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Motorcycle Diaries

Last night I watched The Motorcycle Diaries on DVD. (I went the cheap route and checked it out of the library last Saturday and needed to watch it because it is due today.)

If you are not familiar with the story it is about Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and his friend traveling across South America in the 50's on a motorcycle before they finish college. They are both Argentineans and they travel across country and over the Andes into Chile and then north to Peru. Their motorcycle breaks down in Chile and they spend the rest of the journey hitching rides and riding down the Amazon on a boat. They end up serving at a leper colony in Peru before parting ways. (They went to a few towns that I have been to in Chile so that was cool seeing.)

It is really a joiurney as they encounter injustice mostly toward the indigenous people, the poor and sick. This journey sets 'Che' on a revolutionary path that will lead him to Cuba, Africa and ultimately to his death in Bolivia.

As I watched I thought, "wow here are two young men in college (though his buddy is a little older but still a student) who are gripped by injustice and will change the world." I thought of how Robin and I want to see men and women raised up in Latin America and all over the world with this same passion. Albeit men and women with a clear understanding that not Marx but the LORD is the answer. As He "upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free, ..." (Psalm 146:7). Men and Women who will be usher a revolution of the heart.


Annie B said...

Dear Andy and Robin,

It was so fun to read your blog. I felt 'engaged' once again in hearing someone process another story (Che's) in light of reaching people for Jesus. One of the legacies Michael left in me and our children is the love of reading and interacting with the material...with others. I even engaged in the Green Eggs and Ham. I'm still bummed that he didn't get any ham. Austin raises a pig each year with 4 H. You talk about difficulty in eating ham....try eating one you name!! Austin choses names from characters in books. The last was Mr. Goldman.

Nathan got accepted to Biola! (I thought you might enjoy that he is fluent in Spanish and he is learning Chinese!) Please know Robin...I am praying for your week with helping Luke. Sounds like you are doing a great job and your "follow through" each new day of loving him will reinforce his security after being "dethroned." My (former) next door neighbor had twins after their Jake. I remember well his confusion..."who ARE these intruders and WHERE did they come from and WHEN will they go away??" I am so glad you have an attentive hubby! And, the greatest Comforter and Grace-giver one could hope to find.
I'm glad we are re-connected.

Andy McCullough said...

Gosh Annie you must have read like 5 blog posts! I read your blog today and enjoyed your post on 'doors'. I enjoy reading your honest prespective on stuff.

One of my good friends, Karen Bayless, works I think in adminssions for Biola. Her husband, Tim, was one of my disciples and roommate on STINT in Asia. He is studying at Talbot. Tim pretty far along in Chinese so they should try to hook up sometime next fall.

Thanks for your prayers! Glad to reconnect too even if its over cyberspace.