Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dad's Cardioversion

Tommorrow at 1 pm (EST) my dad (pictured with Drew at Thanksgiving) is having a electrical cardioversion to see if his heartbeat in the upper artia of his heart can be restored to a normal rhythm. Since they learned of his fibrillation, he has had medication to make sure he does not have a blood clot. As you can read in the article if you have a clot it can come dislodged during this procedure.

On October I posted my 2nd post of this blog about my dad's heart. It might be worth a another look at this time.

Appreciate your prayers for him.


Joan said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and writing your phenominal sentence with the "assigned" words. I check your blog every day; but I had not read the post from October about your dad (I think I discovered your blog in late November or early December.) I will certainly continue to pray for your dad. He is dear to me too.

Andy McCullough said...

Thank you. All the 'Shaw" side of the family is dear to him and me too.

I think we 'discovered' each other's blogs after in Dec. after I recieved your mom's Christmas letter with her blog site listed on it. I use (maybe I found this on your sire?) so I can see when people have updated theirs and I read your's everytime too.

I was most proud of the reference to 'thick-skinned' to fulfill the wordplay requirement.