Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Luke's Fear of Flying

Tommorrow is a big day. it could potentially be the longest day in our lives thus far. Our whole family is getting on a plane and flying to Charlotte. Robin and I have a conference in Hilton Head, SC that starts on Sunday and in order for Robin to attend we are leaving all the boys with her parents in South Carolina for a week. Her sister is actually flying in too to help. We choose Charlotte to fly into because after the conference we are going to drive up to Georgia to see my parents, my sister Laura and her family. Charlotte is the best place to fly where it is not too far from either of our parents.

Sunday we told Luke. He instantly declared that he was not going to fly and that he was going to drive to South Carolina. You have to understand that Luke has flown a bunch and has always loved it. The boy has flown to Spain, Mexico, Florida, and Georgia. It's just an irrational fear - but very real to him. He said he would drive by himself in our blue van. He was really upset. He is okay getting on the plane but says it should not leave the ground.

Before this the biggest anghst for Robin and I was just loading up everyone and each having a baby on our lap for several hours. Lugging bags, a pack-n-play, stroller and carseats while carrying babies in a baby bjorn are big enough. Doing that with a hysterical 3 1/2 year old seems like a nightmare. I can just see him screaming or trying to run away when we can't leave our luggage or a baby to go get him or even carry him.

Our doctor has told us that we can give him benedryl so we are hoping that at least makes him sleepy. We certainly appreciate your prayers..... So will everyone sitting around us!

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