Friday, February 24, 2006

The Flight was Fine

Hey in an in SC at my in-laws today. Manning has entered the 21st Century as they have a coffee shop with free wireless. Though it is tucked into a corner of a dress shop so I feel a little out of place.

We made it! Luke did not get upset though he did say he wanted the plane to land. We got a lot of help along the way. One of my co-workers Ryan volunteered to go with us in the morning to the airport and help with check-in. That was a big help. And we saw Sean Penn. I was tempted to yell, 'dead man walking!' but was reminded by Ryan of how he punches cameramen over less.

At the gate we had to check in two car seats and our strollers. A nice man help Jack while I held Drew and Robin collapsed the stroller. Then he carried on car seat down the ramp for us. Because of the limited number of airbags we had to sit on separate rows but the babies did great and no major crying or fussing. The flight attendants asked to hold the babies and said I made their day. They made mine by helping! They even brought a fresh baked cookie from first class for Luke.

Luke went with me to get the rental car and I came back to get Robin, Jack, Drew and the luggage. I had to run in to tell her I was there. I was gone less than 30 seconds and traffic cop was about to write me a ticket for leaving my car in a no parking zone. I talked her out of it when she saw all our stuff and kids.

Man if I knew flying with three little boys would have got me special treatment, I would have them fly with me all the time! A potential long-day turned out to not be so bad. Thanks for praying.

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Jane said...

Halleluyah! I am so glad everything went as well as it did. God does answer prayers. I will have to say though I am a little jealous. I would have LOVED to have been there to hold one of the babies for you!