Friday, February 24, 2006

Survey Monkey

Our Design Team for STINT Team Leaders training is meeting next month and we would welcome your feedback on the training. Look for the link on the right-hand side. It's a short 10 question survey. I know its been a while but we like hearing what you think after leading for a semester. The survey will end on March 20th because that's when our design team meets. After that date, you can just email me any thoughts you have.


Anonymous said...


The Blog website is a great idea. I'm a STINT leader in Central Asia. Since we are a medium level security country I'm hesitant to post any real stuff about the min or my name because I don't want to be "googled." I can do some secure web browsing to check out this site, (like right now.)
But I usually don't just becuase it takes a longer time to load. I notice that there is a little lock on this web page. Does that mean that posts are protected from google type searches?

Andy McCullough said...

no this can be googled so good idea to stay anony. You could choose a codename. I have a friend in Asia whose blog is totally secure.