Friday, February 24, 2006

Prayer: The Work of Missions

Here is a link to a talk John Piper gave in 1988 in Denver - Prayer: The Work of Missions. One of my co-workers, John Lamb, said that in August of 1988 when he was the CD at Colorado University, that he, his staff team and their student leaders listened to this talk on tape at their annual Leader’s Retreat. JL said that this message helped spark a revival and a movement of prayer at CU that was sustained for several years resulting in dozens of students following the Lord’s leading in joining our staff and other ministries. Even today CU is at the top in our region in sending laborers to the world. CU grads are in Santiago, Chile; Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Seville, Spain; Krasnodar, Russia; Germany, Singapore (well, they are on furlough) and Kazakhstan. Next fall we can add Mexico City to that. And those are just places I am thinking of the top of my head. The world is different because of what was started in 1988!

What if your team and your key students read this together? JL says its dangerous. We need that kind of danger to where students from the campus you are working on one day are raised up to take God's glory around the globe.

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