Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Gospel that isn't Cool or Hip

There is a good interview with Donald Miller on Leadership Journal's blog: Out of Ur. Donald as you probally all know is the author of Blue Like Jazz, To Own a Dragon and others.

It's a good interview about demonstrating real love vs. trying to be cool and relavent. Here's an excerpt...

How do you react to ministries that try to present Christianity as being cool and hip?

Miller: There are many problems with trying to market the gospel of Jesus, not the least of which is that, in itself, it is not a cool or fashionable idea. It isn't supposed to be. It is supposed to be revolutionary. It's for people who are tired of trying to be cool, tired of trying to get the world to redeem them.


Eric Swanson said...

Looks like Don worked up a powerful thirst during the interview or secumbed to the offer of, "Hey, I'll buy you a beer if you talk to me."

Andy McCullough said...

Or we was probally blue like jazz so he needed to drown his sorrows in a pint.