Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, pictured to the right with Jack on her lap back in November.

Here's some things I appreciate about my mom:

She always believed in me. She has always been a verbal encourager to me. I can remember plenty of times when I struggled with self-doubt and my mom would encourage me with her words. (It my love language.)

She laughs at my jokes - even the lame ones.

She taught me how to read and has always had the heart of a teacher. I joke with her that she showed her special ed kids more patience than she showed me but I am glad that she pushed us to excel. I knew she loved us no matter what.

She purposely tried not to play favoritism. I remember in 2nd grade she was the teacher observing recess one day and I was getting picked on by some bigger boys. I thought if I went to her and told on them surely I would receive justice. to my shock, she didn't punish the other boys but made me sit in a time-out. It frustrated me at the time but I look back and am glad she did that. I am glad I didn't grow up thinking I could whine about life all the time to gain sympathy. Sometimes life is not fair and I am not entitled to everything I think I am.

She loves for her kids and grandkids.

She has been a faithful helpmate to my dad. They have been married 48 years now. Being a pastor's wife was not always easy but she has been a great partner for my dad.

She wanted to be a missionary but when she married my dad her plans were changed. So she become a mom of a missionary. It was hard for her when almost twenty years ago I loaded up my pickup to move to California but she let me go and has to several far away places. I have never heard her say, "why don't you move back closer to home." I think she always remembers the safest and best place for me and my family is in the center of God's will.

She works hard.

She gives good hugs. Wish I was there this weekend to give her a big one! Love you mom!

My aunt Ruth has a great Mother's Day post too. She talks about her mother (my great grandmother) who was a great godly woman.


Joan said...

Give my happy mothers day regards to your dear mother! And to Robin!

Jane said...

How beautiful. Your mom is a very special lady.