Friday, June 16, 2006

God's Provision

The day before yesterday I drove down to DIA to meet a former disciple. Andre who is a Indonesia and his wife Jennifer are serving in Indonesia with Frontiers. When he was a student at UNC, Andre helped reach out to internationals.

He was just in Colorado for a few days to speak at a church missions board and heading off to Minneapolis. We had a great time of reunion and fellowship. I was so encouraged by how God is using he and his family. They will be moving this summer to a new part of Indonesia that has 50 unreached people groups just on one island.

I parked in the economy parking and had a hard time finding a spot. I finally found one on the last row and just squeezed in as the car to right was over the line.

When I got back I remembered something. The door handle on the driver's side of my Camry broke about a month ago and I have been having to open the passenger door and climb through. Sometimes I lean over and roll down the driver's side window. (I have the old style of car where you roll the windows down.)

But the car to the right of mine was only about 4 inches from mine. I couldn't get in. I was able to barely open the door but there was no way my frame was squeezing through. I tried to roll down the window sitting up on the roof of this other guy's car and reaching down using my flip flop but it only did a 1/2 rotation.

I opened my trunk to see what was in there and found a little fishing pole a friend of mine gave me to give to Luke. I tried that but it didn't really worked that well.

It was 102 degrees that day too.

I went back to the trunk and looked around and found this little piece of wood. It's It's been in my trunk for two years and ever time I see I think. I need throw this away or ask Robin what it is for. (Turns out it was to make a garage sale sign two years ago.) So I tried that and I was able to work the window handle and get the window down. From that other guy's roof I climbed through he window and got in.

Crazy. If I had thrown away that stick or had fancy electric windows I don't know if I could have gotten in. I wasn't really prepared. More I don't do a good job of cleaning my car and this time it paid off. I guess I would have called AAA and had them tow it 5 feet.

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Julie Whitenack said...

Good story and hilarious :). Thanks for reminding me to look for the way God provides for us in those little things every day.