Monday, June 19, 2006

Praying to Stop the Storm

Last night while I was grilling Luke a hamburger, he was sitting with me on the deck of the house we are staying at right now. It started lightening and thundering like a typical Colorado summer evening. One struck within a mile away.

Luke got scared and said he wanted me to make the lightening stop. I told him I couldn't make it stop by God could and that he should pray and ask God to make it stop. I am not sure if he totally was tracking because in the midst of being upset he also said he wanted the lightening to stop itself.

But it did quit lightening and while he was eating his hamburger, I asked him if he prayed and asked God to stop the lightening and thunder. Luke said he did. But then he also said he told the lightening to stop itself. So I am not totally sure. (Not that I don't have faith God answered his childlike faith prayer. I am just not sure if he prayed or not.)

Robin and I still used it as a teaching moment and reminded him of the verse he learned in AWANA's that 'even the wind and waves obey him'.

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