Monday, September 18, 2006

Drew Walks

I got home Friday night. I was curious to see where Jack and Drew were in 'learning to walk'. Jack is still at the same place - you have to get him going and let go of his hand but if he realizes what you are up to he just sits and laughs.

Saturday morning, Robin and Luke took Grammy (Robin's mom) to the busstop to get a bus back to the airport. (She stayed with Robin and the boys while I was in Mexico.) While they were gone little Drew walked from the hall closet to the kitchen catching his balance along the way. Then he walked from kitchen to the living room again catching his balance but each time I caught him before he fell. He even started on his own. I'd say it was a good 12 feet each way.

Then he took off for the kitchen table with me behind him. Unfortunately, he fell forward before I could catch him and he bumped his head on a leg of a chair earning a bruise on his forehead. Daddy (that would be me) just said, "that's it son, I got you if you fall".

I think because I failed him he is put 'walking without help' on hold.

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