Monday, September 18, 2006

WSN Verticals in Mexico City (pics from Craig)

Layo Leiva - Director of Affairs for CMC (Central America, Mexico and Caribbean). Layo is sharing with us how even though the number of evangelicals has rose in his country of El Salvador, the morality has declined. This is true all over his Area of Affiars (and the US too).

Layo's passion is to see transformation on the university campuses in order to see transformation in these nations.

Me with Benjamin VanDiest. The middle child of Steve and Christine who give leadership to Enfoque Mexico.

Enjoying Tacos at the VanDiest's home.

Three of my good friends: Craig Johring, who leads Enfoque Mexico with the VanDiests, Steve Morgan, one of the Mexico National Directors for Campus Crusade for Christ, and Steve VanDiest. Posted by Picasa

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