Monday, September 25, 2006

Ways to Waste your Time not Planting Movements

I ran accross this tongue-in-cheek list on Leadership Network's blog: Fallow Fields: 20 ways to waste your time not planting churches. It is by Steve Addison, the Director of Church Resource Ministries Australia. Since I am in a ministry whose viz is to 'see movements everywhere so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus', I just changed it to planting movements.

Here are some of my favs...
1. Call yourself an apostle. Have some business cards printed. Hand them around.

3. Throw money at “experimental missional initiatives” and never evaluate their effectiveness.

6. Appoint a committee to undertake a study and write a report. Wait three years then do it again.

9. When you see a healthy 'movement' plant say, “Yes it’s growing but it’s not really a (choose one) Reformed/Baptist/Assemblies of God/Presbyterian/Methodist/New Vine/etc. church.”

10. Require pioneering leaders to be theologically trained before they can plant a 'movement'.

11. Throw your best leaders at your biggest problems, not at your greatest opportunities.

12. Watch pioneering leaders exit your 'ministry' and then comment on their lack of commitment.

15. Agree to plant new 'movements' when: (a) You’re large enough (b) You’re healthy enough (c) You have the leaders to give away (d) You have the money to spare (e) God has clearly shown you it’s time (f) When the cow jumps over the moon.

18. Set ridiculous but catchy sounding goals like “500 in 5 years,” or “2,000 by 2,000.” Three years after the target date expires set new goals. Don’t forget to change the dates!

20. Lastly, set up a blog on 'movement' planting. Link to other bloggers on 'movement' planting. Be sure they link to you. Add smoke and mirrors.

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