Thursday, October 26, 2006

Time with Reggie McNeil

I am up in Estes Park for a Global Leadership conference. It's actually like 4 conferences in one: Our regional local leaders (those who direct ministries on the field like St. Louis Metro team or New Mexico State); our senior staff (our field staff who have completed their intial training), a national leadership forum on Good News and Good Deeds, and then some of our Global Leaders.

Yesterday we all were together and heard from Reggie McNeil who works for the Southern Baptist and has authored several books. He spoke to us mainly from his book "Practicing Greatness" which is now one of the books I am reading. He also spoke a lot on stuff that is in his book "The Present Future". Our Global Leaders and those of us in WSN joined him for a lunch discussion too.

There is so much I got out of yesterday. Most is in his book I guess too. Here are some of the main thoughts I want to take away and noodle on...

* Greatness is in the kingdom is not bad because the path to greatness in the kingdom is humility and service.
* Choosing mediocrity is a sin.
* Leadership is personal not positional
*Self-awareness is a a discipline and path to understanding how God has made you for His glory.
* Being a life-long learner is a key to finihsing well.
* "Who will carry your casket?"
* Everyone goes through the wilderness. The difference is good leaders strategize how to get out and great leaders beg God for the lessons of the wilderness and see it as path to know and understand God.
* We can get on board with God's agenda and be a movement or follow our own and be an institution. God is going to move with or without us.

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JimmyH said...

if you get a chance, i'd LOVE to read your thoughts on the video of a Reggie McNeil talk i posted on my website called AD 30.